May 2018
Electricity Transmission
Solar PV Monitoring Phase 3
May 2018
May 2021
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Kevin Tilley
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Network Innovation Allowance
The Solar PV Monitoring Phase 3 innovation project aims to investigate novel methods for monitoring PV generation on the GB electricity system to support control room operations and decision-making.

The project will run over a period of three years with the following key objectives targeted through delivery of its four work packages:
  1. Develop and validate a prototype 5-minutely national (GB scale) PV generation forecast
  2. Develop and validate a prototype 5-minutely regional (GSP scale) PV generation forecast
  3. Identify relevant and suitable national PV data sources/feeds to use in defining optimum approaches to extract PV capacity estimate directly from such PV feeds.
  4. Investigate suitable methods to estimate PV capacity directly from a combination of PV_Live, demand outturns and meteorological observations instead of the current method which relies primarily on PV installation registration data. Further refine existing methods of capacity determination.
  5. Evaluate the resilience of PV data feeds used and the sensitivity of the accuracy of the PV_30-minutely and PV_5-minutely monitoring prototypes to geographic distribution, mix of system sizes and mix of rooftop or ground-mount.
  6. Devise and test suitable validation methodologies for validating the nationally and regional aggregated PV outturn.