Mar 2018
Electricity Transmission
System Impacts of Embedded Storage (SIES)
Mar 2018
Oct 2018
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Elizabeth Warnock
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Network Innovation Allowance
At the end of the project, National Grid will receive a report discussing:
  • a list of evidence-based and realistic use cases that may require intervention by the System Operator to manage;
  • how the impacts of these use cases may be seen by the System Operator and the kinds of management actions required;
  • prioritisation of which use cases may present problems in the short to medium term and why;
  • what actions may be required to mitigate the risk of these use cases;
  • a list of potential innovation projects that could explore specific challenge areas in more detail, for example:
  • understanding the influencing interactions and cannibalisation of different sized devices with different objective functions and incentives
  • forecasting the aggregate behaviour of assets in order to ensure adequate availability of reserves
  • exploring how services could be stacked between SO and non-SO services to optimise asset value while behaving complementarily to system needs
  • understanding data sharing requirements between aggregators and the SO in order to anticipate asset behaviour