Jan 2018
Electricity Transmission
Virtual Synchronous Machine (VSM) Demonstrator
Jan 2018
Jul 2019
National Grid Electricity System Operator and National Grid Electricity Transmission
Richard Ierna
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The objectives of this project are to:


    • Demonstrate a physical implementation of VSM and compare laboratory results to simulations in PowerFactory.
    • Understand any risks or issues in the design and construction of VSM devices.
  • Provide evidence either to support mandatory changes in converter fed generation performance, e.g. through Grid Code and/or Distribution Code modifications, or to support development of balancing service markets to value the abilities of VSM generation.  Evidence would include:

    • Required behaviour of converter fed generation to operate as VSM.

    • Quantity or proportion of synchronous and/or VSM generation required at different penetrations of converter fed generation.

    • Required capability of VSM generation depending on the quantity or proportion required.