Aug 2017
Electricity Distribution
Assessing the stability of small-scale inverter connected PV generation
Aug 2017
Apr 2018
National Grid Electricity System Operator
Xiaoyao Zhou
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Network Innovation Allowance
ED - Network improvements and system operability
Asset Management
This innovation project is intended to extensively assess the stability of small scale inverter based PV generation. It is aimed at articulating PV inverter performance during system disturbances and its output will, among others, inform the “Frequency changes during large system disturbances” GC0079 Workgroup.
  1. To assess inverter connection stability under the two main influencing factors, namely, voltage dips and voltage vector shift.
  2. A report will be produced at the end of the project. This report will be published on the ENA Smarter Networks portal and also on the National Grid Website in the GC0079 Grid Code Workgroup Section.  This report is important and will enable, among others, the GC0079 Workgroup to make informed recommendations to industry and Ofgem.
  1. Obtain a clear understanding of the inverter technology on PV installations which will then drive the technical requirements for future installations and influence the decision on existing installations.

  2. Be in a position to assess the performance of these inverters during system disturbances and to quantify the risk, if any, to enable the System Operator to take the appropriate mitigation measures.