Oct 2014
Gas Distribution
Remote Water Removal System
Oct 2014
Jan 2016
Northern Gas Networks
Nick Phillips, Gordon Thompson, Alec Breen and Wez Little
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of this project is to carry out a technical feasibility study to investigate technical potential to develop a single operation water removal system from a remote location along gas mains ranging from 3” to 12” diameter in the metallic network and from 75mm to 250mm in the PE system.

The objectives of this feasibility study are to:

  • Develop appropriate technology that will easily, simply and quickly remove water from a remote location
  • Entry to either metallic or PE main via a small single entry point under no gas operation
  • A single operation to locate, remove and identify entry location of water from up to 100mtrs from entry point on pressures up to 75mbar 
  • Develop a methodology of recycling gas back into the network and separating water from contaminated water
  • Develop planning tools and assessment criteria to change processes for dealing with water ingress
  • Develop and produce specifications and management procedures
  • Produce documents, reports, presentations and seminars to share the learning from this project
Stage One:

  • Deliver a detailed report on the root causes, behaviours and possible solutions around water ingress

  • Assessment of costs of existing method and potential new technological solution.
Stage Two

The detailed success criteria will be determined largely by stage one however the expected outcomes are likely to be:

  • A detailed report on the current methodology and approach to water extraction and hope this alternative approached aimed to resolved current issues.

  • An assessment of current cost of extraction verse an alternative method

  • Additional benefits of the use of a combined system and recommendation for future uses or development opportunities

  • Detailed technical assessment and guidelines for the introduction or changes to existing policies, procedures and processes Technology Readiness Level at Start.