Mar 2021
Gas Distribution
Large Diameter PE Pipe Cutter
Mar 2021
Mar 2022
Northern Gas Networks
Tom McPherson
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
The proposed project is to work in partnership with Steve Vicks International to design, develop and demonstrate a safe and practical method to enable safe, efficient and reliable cutting of large diameter PE pipe with wall thickness’ up to 103mm, inclusive of 630mm diameter pipes.
We propose that the cutting machine designed will operate in both below ground and above groundscenarios.
Design, manufacturing and testing will be carried out at the SVI headquarters in Bradford on Avon and a Technical Report will be completed and supplied to NGN for evaluation prior to moving into any subsequent project phases.
The finished design will be assessed by a 3rd party to ensure compliance with any relevant legislation that may affect the design and use of the cutter once completed.
The objective of the project is to deliver:
  1. Identify the best two methods for LDPE cutting
  2. Identify the best single method for cutting LDPE
  3. Produce the final prototype machine for use on Northern Gas Netwok’s sites
  4. Supply a factory ready machine to NGN (BAU or TRL 8-9)