Nov 2020
Gas Distribution
InTEGReL: Academic review of fuel poverty, vulnerability and GB research capability
Nov 2020
Mar 2021
Northern Gas Networks
Keith Owen
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas and GD - Environment and low carbon
Gas Distribution Networks and Electricity Transmission Networks
To fully understand the challenges of energy decarbonisation in the domestic and light commercial sectors there is a need to capture the broad range of research previously undertaken. This is needed to secure our knowledge of current thinking and identify knowledge gaps across a range of agreed topics. This knowledge enables the InTEGReL Customer Energy Village to be utilised more meaningfully to drive out new approaches, technologies, solutions and business models that accelerate and underpin the route to Net Zero.
To produce a final report that contains a comprehensive coverage of and recommendations across the following:
  • Detailed gap analysis on how InTEGReL: CEV can be unique in meeting existing and future research needs.
  • Benefit analysis of InTEGReL: CEV from a local and wider UK perspective
  • Science perspective on the role of hydrogen as a decarbonising agent in future energy mix, its merits and limitations.
  • Current perspectives on large scale building fabric retrofits and its impact on energy demand and utility planning
  • What policies / white paper may assist in accelerating the realisation of Net Zero energy systems.
  • How future research conducted through InTEGReL: CEV can be unique.
  • What infrastructure (digital and energy-wise) is needed to support decarbonisation research
  • Identification of key consumer benefits through InTEGReL CEV and subsequent research activities.
  • Determine likely impacts of significant heat provision transferring to the electrical grid via different heat solutions. [linked to NPg heat modelling and analysis NIA]