Jun 2020
Gas Distribution
Jun 2020
Nov 2020
Northern Gas Networks
Thomas McPhearson
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency and GD - Mains Replacement
Gas Distribution Networks
Current methods for service transfers during mains replacement require that the gas customer is isolated
from the gas supply during works. This disconnection requires access to the property, interruption to
supply and a purge and relight.

This proposal outlines the development of ServiSWAP, a technique and equipment to enable the transfer
of services without interruption to gas supplies and minimal access to the property. The technique is
envisioned as a solution to reduce customer contact time and maintain social distancing requirements
during customer facing works. This solution is particularly applicable to polyethylene services and could
be developed to target more challenging steel, copper and lead services.
The work will be undertaken in four stages, the forecasted activities are expected to take around 4
months to complete as an expedited undertaking. This is subject to manufacturing and component
availability, field trials timelines and key design assumptions and challenges. Each Stage will
demonstrate successful development and progression.

The project will be delivered through the following outline:

Stage 1 – Concept design and concept demonstrator
This stage covers the rapid development of a concept demonstrator for the ServiSWAP encapsulation
bag. The key aim is to produce an enclosure to meet the size, shape and sealing requirements of the
service pipes specifications.

Stage 2 – Detailed design
This stage of the project completes further development of the rapid demonstrators to overcome specific
technical challenges of the pipe classes and the connection methodologies.

Stage 3 – Manufacture, assembly and debugging
This stage of the project completes the manufacturing and assembly of five ServiSWAP systems.

Stage 4 – Testing, Trialling and refinement
This stage of the project completes laboratory and field testing of the rapid concept demonstrators and
the detailed designed units.