Nov 2020
Gas Distribution
H21 Initial Hydrogen Supply Strategy
Nov 2020
Sep 2021
Northern Gas Networks, National Grid Gas Transmission and Wales and West Utilities
Mark Danter
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks
Northern Gas Networks, National Grid Transmission and Wales and West Utilities have committed to work with the stakeholders and the government to work towards a strategy to convert the gas distribution network to hydrogen, including the H21 100% hydrogen project. In order to achieve the H21 live trials and any future conversion projects, we will need to source enough hydrogen to operate the Local Transmission System (LTS) on hydrogen and to undertake initial conversion. 
The strategy for providing hydrogen to the LTS network to allow staged conversion has not been fully developed. The current thinking on converting the National Transmission System (NTS)/LTS over to hydrogen is expected to not fully align with the requirements for staged conversion and still being able to supply natural gas to customers awaiting conversion. 
 In order to progress this, the various potential sources of hydrogen to the LTS needs to be investigated to confirm how hydrogen will need to be supplied to the network to meet the requirements of conversion and supply. This will have an influence over the strategy for conversion and so this project will also develop recommendations for the future conversion planning based upon the various options for hydrogen supply. 
The project will need to: 
Review the current NIA/NIC projects on supplying hydrogen to LTS Networks, such as HyNTS 
Review other potential hydrogen supply options including local storage 
Review how these potential solutions may be applied to the networks 
Review how the various solutions will impact on the conversion process and what issues they may cause 
Review the conversion process for the NGN network, based upon this research and make recommendation for mitigating these issues that will need to be included in future conversion planning. These recommendations will also be applicable for other networks to learn from. 
Review all current information relating to hydrogen transmission and produce the output report reviewing the various ways being considered. 
Review the suitability of the various proposed hydrogen transmission solutions to evaluate the impact/influence on the future conversion process suggesting mitigation/further development needed to mitigate any issues