Aug 2020
Gas Distribution
H21 - Understanding Industrial & Commercial Customers
Aug 2020
May 2021
Northern Gas Networks and Cadent
Mark Danter
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks
Future hydrogen projects will require the conversion of existing Industrial and Commercial customers to hydrogen. There is a high potential that there are going to be issues with converting I&C customers that needs to be reviewed and assessed so that future conversion projects can be planned to take into account these issues and the mitigation applied where possible. For example, I&C customers may have concerns around the duration and timing of the conversion activity, and it may be mitigated if planned in line with their requirements.
1. Collation and review of I&C data to highlight key customer types, or key service agreements that need further, more detailed, research and suggested mitigation recommendations.
2. A report on the various key issues found, potential mitigation measures and further research requirements. This can be used to inform future engagement with I&C customers.