Oct 2020
Gas Distribution
Live & Dead Check Analyser
Oct 2020
Sep 2021
Northern Gas Networks
Andrew Simcoe
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency and GD - Mains Replacement
Health and Safety and Gas Distribution Networks
The number of electrical cables being inserted within old ‘abandoned’ steel gas pipes in commercial dwellings is on an upward trending curve. When gas engineers are tasked to perform a ‘live/dead check’, they have no means of knowing whether an electrical cable, or other unknown elements are present in the gas pipe they are operating on, and more importantly if a cable is present, if it is energised or not. The risk of undertaking this operation is significant and potentially dangerous for the field operatives, who are susceptible of being electrocuted in the presence of an energised electrical cable.
The project objectives will be delivered within the 5 stages of the project.

Stage 1 – Feasibility assessment and Lab Testing
Work to adapt and develop the larger sensor array for the current Mage cable tester to measure electromagnetic fields, through iron, steel, and PE gas pipes from 2” up to 12”.
Lab test a range of methods to measure gas pressurisation in the gas pipes and test a range of techniques to discriminate between water pipes and gas pipes, using the following methods:
  • Ultrasonic measurement for gas pressurisation
  • Acoustic Measurement
  • Proton precession magnetometry for gas pressurization

Stage 2 – Development of Initial Prototype
Develop the initial prototype for field trial testing with a testing schedule.

Stage 3 – Prototype Field Trial
Undertake field trials to prove the reliability of the too and iteratively improve the prototype design.

Stage 4 - Manufacturing and Commercialization Roadmap
Commercialisation road map – produce a road map for transforming the final prototype design to a commercialised product consisting of final design for manufacture.

Stage 5 - BAU Business Case
Using the findings from the trial and commercialization roadmap to build a business as usual business case for deployment.