Mar 2020
Gas Distribution
Universal IoT Monitoring
Mar 2020
Mar 2022
Northern Gas Networks
Keith Owen
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Active Network Management, Asset Management, Maintenance & Inspection and Gas Distribution Networks
This project will provide NGN (and as a consequence the GDN’s) understanding on how technologies linked to Internet of Things (1oT) can be deployed within NGN Business Environment and retrofitted to existing equipment to deliver improved value proposition for NGNs future digital strategy.

 It will ultimately aim to explore IoT Technology and provide evidence for networks to support the transition towards digitalization and demonstrate potential future benefits across a wide range of applications.
Objective 1
Assess current IoT technology.
Horizon scan IoT technology to provide understanding of supply chain and applicability of technology to NGN.

Objective 2
Develop New IoT capable datalogger
The current technology is at TRL5 and this activity will develop the system to TRL8 and create a new IoT data capture technology for use with the intelligent syphon, capable of both LoRAWan and NB-IoT communications protocols

Objective 3
Develop PoC for new IoT based data capture technology and communications infrastructure.
Understanding the problem, create a new design and PoC alongside a real-world solution design to provide a baseline position at the InTEGReL site from which to determine the most suitable means to deploy the live trial stage and prove the technology.

Objective 4
Create a revised version of the Intelligent Syphon operating with new IoT technology.
The existing Syphon design will be reengineered to incorporate lower cost, IoT data capture technology and communications system and proven at InTEGReL.

Objective 5
Completion of live gas trial with 6 intelligent syphons and communications hub to demonstration overall capability and solution.
The live gas trial of the system will consist of a maximum of 12 revised Intelligent Syphons and new IoT communications hub which will be configured as a ringfenced system to determine water ingress in the chosen area on the NGN network.

In addition, the system will be linked to a newly designed dashboard, hosted by Invisible Systems to show how data can be acquired and managed effectively in a simple to use environment.