Mar 2020
Gas Distribution
Mar 2020
Aug 2022
Northern Gas Networks
Richard Hynes-Cooper
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance and GD - Repair
Asset Management, Condition Monitoring, Maintenance & Inspection and Gas Distribution Networks
LeakVision is a novel leakage detection sensor. The system is used for the inspection of features to indicate the presence of leakage from pipeline features (joints, connections & defects). This project builds on and is de-risked by a successful and previously completed NIA project completed by Cadent (NIA_CAD0019) and additional prior and post independent work by Synthotech Ltd. The additional work developed a proof of concept demonstration unit that has shown the ability to indicate leakage within a simulated leakage scenario.
Develop SLS concept (3D printed) - Concept should provide real world data on performance within laboratory test and simulated rigs for data on applicability of technology to NGN.

Create gas verification rig - Provide a gas rig to test project assumptions and provide data and calibration. The rig will allow the concept to be assessed for suitability.

Complete modelling - Provide detailed data modelling to allow the optimisation of the detection within the project.

Create prototype - Create a prototype system for deployment across the network to assess the detection, operation and potential of the technology in a real-world environment.

Completion of gas trialling - Provide a minimum of 10 and maximum of 20 network field trials for the assessment of the LeakVision technology within the real-world environment. This will be summarised in a short report.