Dec 2019
Gas Distribution
Health and Safety Monitor – Phase Two
Dec 2019
Mar 2022
Northern Gas Networks
Shannon Telfer
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency
Health and Safety
There are no current automated systems for monitoring and recording an individual’s exposure to long-term health risks throughout the working day. Exposure to vibration and noise can all result in long-term ill-health and incapacitation as well as compensation claims for the employer.

This project proposes to implement 20 operational Active PPE monitors with complete system integration to achieve affective monitoring for vibration and noise exposure. 
• Develop 20 fully operational Active PPE devices, capable of effectively automating the collection and processing of noise & vibration exposure data.

• Produce a web-based portal which uses the automated data collection to provide reports of under/over exposure and trends, complete with proactive alerts to nominated Northern Gas Networks Colleagues.

• Provide a level of technical confidence that the Active PPE Device will be fully integrated with Northern Gas Networks infrastructure through UAT and identified assurance activities.