Sep 2019
Gas Distribution
Printable Pressure Sensors
Sep 2019
Mar 2021
Northern Gas Networks
Keith Owen
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance and Others
Active Network Management, Asset Management, Control Systems, Maintenance & Inspection, Network Monitoring and Gas Distribution Networks
Currently the costs of monitoring gas pressures within the distribution network are too high and our need to measure more of the network is increasing as we begin to supply different types of gas.

The UK gas infrastructure is becoming increasing complex and as such reliance on data analytics and, in the future, AI systems to inform the decision-making process will continue to grow.
Providing the volume of data necessary to make better decisions will require investment and if current data acquisition systems are deployed [satellite, datalogger with GSM], the cost to industry and our customers would be unacceptably high.
The advent of Internet of Things technology with low power low cost technologies, may provide solutions to this issue and therefore this project aims to explore the capability of printed electronic to embed such IoT sensing technologies into everyday network components to transform our infrastructure into a 21st century Smart Gas Grid.
• Create a printed sensor which is adapted and characterised to become integrated with existing ‘approved’ network components.
• Identify the best way to integrate the sensor into the component.
• Design the supporting electronics to operate the sensor
• Design the most effective way to communicate and store the data from the device, in particular to be able to transmit data through ground and above the surface without the need for excavation. Also, the incorporation of NFC technology
• Design a way to encase all elements into the component.
• Select a battery that will provide an adequate long lifespan to the system (circa 10 year)
• the final developed product to be a low-cost pressure sensitive device