Feb 2019
Gas Distribution
Project Zero
Feb 2019
Jul 2020
Northern Gas Networks
Thomas McPherson
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Safety and emergency, GD - Reliability and maintenance and GD - Repair
Maintenance & Inspection and Gas Distribution Networks
Project Zero aims to develop a number of encapsulation technology prototypes to enable zero interruption to customers gas supplies during a number of network operations.
The project will aim to development a replacement method in the four key areas outlined below.

1.Live Exchange of ECV’s (TRL4 – 7)

2.Use of ServiceCam to be used on steel services (TRL5-7) (No ECV).

3.Live Service Isolation Valve exchange or insertion on to a service (TRL4-7)

     o  Fitment of isolation valve to Metallic Pipe work (TRL4-7)

     o Isolation approach for PE pipework diameter (TRL4-7)

4.Live Pivot Tee exchange (TRL4-7) for emergency situations