Jan 2019
Gas Distribution
Integrated Graphene Based Pre-heating System phase 2
Jan 2019
Nov 2019
Northern Gas Networks
Gareth Paayne-Integrity Engineer
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance and GD - Environment and low carbon
NGN must pre heat gas at critical stages whilst distributing to overcome the Joules-Thompson effect, where by the gas temperature drops approximately 0.5°C for each Bar pressure drop.

There have been two new pre-heating technologies recently introduced onto NGNs network through NIC funding:
• Proheat unit
• HotCat Unit
These technologies are still being assessed for efficiency in comparison to existing technologies (Water Bath Heaters & Modular Boilers). At this stage, evidence that the additional requirements both in associated systems, electrical energy use and increased maintenance costs suggests that further solutions should be explored.
Stage 1 Objectives – Preliminary Heat Calculations
Preliminary heat flow calculations to determine the most efficient size and power requirements of a graphene-based heater system based on the user needs - NGN will provide Flow, Pressure (MOP), and temperature increase requirements.

Stage 2 Objectives – Test data
Testing of Haydale materials to supply the empirical data required for the modelling. The test materials will be constructed sufficiently to demonstrate feasibility, i.e. number of layers and coupon dimensions. Measurements will be voltage, current, power of basic systems to feed into model.

Stage 3 Objectives – Electrothermal Modelling
Electrical and thermal modelling will be conducted to determine the power requirements and thermal losses/heat transfer in the pipe. Model will show the effect of input variables on the system and aim to optimise an efficient solution.

Stage 4 Objectives – Product Design

Structural and stress modelling of the new pipe / heat exchanger with an integrated graphene-based heater using analytical and finite element modelling. Outputs to show where any modifications may be required.

Stage 5 Objectives – Final Review

The production of a detailed final project report that summarises the findings from the project and makes comparisons with the current preheating technologies used by NGN