Jul 2017
Gas Distribution
Jul 2017
Aug 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Mark Squires - Transport Manager (NGN)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
We see this as a two stage process:

1. Prototype development of retro-fit solution

2. Initial field trials of the developed prototypes - circa 3 vehicles with GDN OBP (Currently have over100 in the NGN fleet)

The retrofit will require a competent electrician, for the purposes of this project each vehicle will require fitting to be undertaken at Gardner Denver, Bradford, taking approximately 1/2 day per installation.

Following this project it may be possible to retrofit the solution at agreed suitable locations.

Stage 1 – Develop 3 prototypes

  • Agree data capture (emissions, noise, fuel etc.), feedback and details (fitting etc.) for initial trials
  • Understand engine characteristics for GDN activities and agree typical work cycle for base testing
  • Gather base data over a three month period of work cycles, emissions, fuel use etc.
  • Bench demonstration of prototype unit to Steering Group
  • Agree any further modifications
  • Develop and fit 3 prototype units to NGN fleet
  • Indication of future potential savings from Automatic Gearbox vehicles of CNG vehicles

Stage 2 – Initial field trials

  • Undertake three months of operation for the three prototypes
  • Gather data and feedback from trials
  • Agree any further modifications and progression to stage 3
  • Determine if any further action is required for adoption of the prototype solution across NGN (documentation, testing etc.)
The outputs for this project will be;

• a retro-fit solution

• supporting data and feedback for retro-fit solution from trials

• quantifiable reduced fuel use and impact on operatives and stakeholders