Apr 2017
Gas Distribution
IntEGReL Phase 1
Apr 2017
Jul 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Keith Owen
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks and Energy Storage
During phase 1 the project will:

  • cover workload associated with the development of the Low Thornley

  • be the interface between NGN, CESI and the other stakeholders (EIC, Energy Systems Catapult, other utilities and SMEs)

  • Develop funding bids and secure the necessary capital to develop the infrastructure needed at site

  • Connect CESI lab to the NGN SCADA system and bring the NPg SCADA to Low Thornley – This initial piece of work establishes the Low Thornley site as connected into the CESI research lab portfolio and allows researchers to explore the similarities and differences in behaviours across power and gas systems to identify the potential areas of optimisation, to invest smartly and reduce cost.

  • To establish the “Gas Battery Storage Concept” Convert the Diesel Generator to Gas and to run on demand rather than only when power fails – environmental win, cost win and enables the independent power generation aspect of the research to start. Supports the research into constraint management on the power sector (similar to those experienced in the wind and Solar industries) and therefore helps identify options to manage the constraint effectively without having to turn down generation.

  • CESI and NPg install their differencing battery systems to enable energy storage at site, again in support of the gas battery concept and allows comparison of technologies and their application to understand which adds most value and in what scenario. This can then be cross referenced with the gas battery concept to establish a cost comparison and value proposition in the long term for future investment.

  • NPg install monitoring of power network at site so we can begin to map power and gas network behaviours and support the drive for a whole systems understanding of the interactions and possibilities by combining our asset strategy.

  • NPg install their CLNR battery system at site to increase storage energy capability

  • Siemens install their Spectrum system and begin to merge the gas and power information and config to develop gas / power system operator function.

  • Bring in a specialist management team from CESIto establish the above work, develop the funding streams (EU, Innovate UK etc.), and outline the legal framework and steering model.

Project objectives are:

  • Management of site design, construction and launch of the IntEGReL site
  • Initiate starter projects to inspire SMEs and demonstrate the capability at
  • Creation of the investment plan detailing proposed developments over the next 2 – 5
  • Develop relationships with Energy System Catapult, EIC, IGEM, IET, etc in the context of the site
  • Project Steering group meetings, report and communications.
  • Installation of SCADA systems
Success criteria

  • Establish the research and development facility at the Low Thornley

  • Identify and connect a wide range of participants and

  • Successfully submit funding applications which are factored into the overall investment plan and linked to development and ambitions for the site.