Apr 2017
Gas Distribution
H21 –Domestic and Commercial Metering
Apr 2017
Jul 2019
Northern Gas Networks and National Grid Gas Distribution
NGN Dan Sadler, NGGD Lorna Millington
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will evaluate the performance of commonly used meters and ancillary equipment outside of their design duty (i.e. operation on hydrogen). A testing programme will be developed to ensure that a representative cross section of UK meters and regulators are tested so as to provide sufficient safety and performance data to ascertain the suitability of the existing UK meter stock for operation on a hydrogen network.

It should be noted that this project will be scoped only to provide an initial indication of the safety and operational performance of the existing UK meter stock to operate on a hydrogen network. Dependent upon the results from the testing programme further projects may be required to fully assess what actions may be required to address any safety, technical and performance issues identified.

The key objectives of the project are to provide factual, evidence based data to initial assessment of the suitability of the existing, installed UK meter stock to help determine the technical and economic implications of converting the gas networks to hydrogen. Undertaking this project will answer the key questions of;

  • Are existing domestic, commercial and network meters suitable for operation on hydrogen?
  • If not, can a conversion factor/ correction be applied?
  • Will industry need to develop a new range of meters suitable for installation on a hydrogen network?
  • What will be the impact on the existing UK gas industries below seven bar meter stock
  • What will be the commercial impact for any associated errors for GDN business plans i.e. energy reconciliation to the shippers and impact on the leakage model

Answering these key questions will inform the economic model for hydrogen conversion and UK wide deployment. Furthermore, the project outcomes could help inform strategies for industry actions if the existing UK meter stock is found unsuitable for operating on a hydrogen network. 

The project should deliver the following results;

  1. Development of an appropriate below seven bar meter testing methodology for meters operating on 100% hydrogen utilizing international best practice and expertise from the Association of Meter Operators.

  2. An evidence based assessment of the operational performance of a representative cross section of existing UK domestic, commercial and network below seven bar meters operating on hydrogen

  3. An evidence based assessment of the safety performance of a representative selection of UK domestic and commercial below seven bar meter regulators operating on hydrogen.

  4. An assessment of the Impact on current regulatory practices such as energy reconciliation.

  5. Provide the basis for considerations for gas industry GD2 business plan provisions and potential opportunities for the smart metering programme.

Provide base information for assessing the commercial impacts of metering in hydrogen conversion scenario modeling.