Apr 2017
Gas Distribution
H21 – Strategic Modelling, Major Urban Centers
Apr 2017
Apr 2020
Northern Gas Networks and National Grid Gas Distribution
NGN - Stella Matthews, NGGD - Lorna Millinton
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Gas Distribution Networks and Gas Transmission Networks
Network analysis, as per the original H21 Leeds City Gate study, of 4 NGN networks (including Leeds). Further analysis, dependent on appetite of the other GDNs, of up to 14 other networks areas of large population spread throughout Great Britain. Providing costing and demand data towards the conversion of these areas from natural gas to hydrogen as well as options for strategic UK roll out.
  • Provide a robust and practical reinforcement, isolation, conversion and restoration methodology for 100% hydrogen gas distribution networks supplying a wide range of GB cities.
  • Provide demand profiles and requirements for an extended range of cities spread throughout Great Britain to facilitate the design of the hydrogen transmission, production and storage (both for H2 and CO2) infrastructure.
  • Provide indicative hydrogen conversion costs and timescales for each urban area (appliance numbers, isolations/reinforcement requirements etc.) for the gas distribution networks for up to 18 of the most significant population areas of Great Britain.

Provide rollout scenarios for incremental conversion of the UK gas network based on the analysis undertaken.

To model an additional 3 NGN networks and expand on the Leeds network previously modelled in the first stage of the H21 project and up to a further 14 networks owned by other GDNs using the same methodology as the original H21 Leeds City Gate project. To collate this information and provide credible UK rollout scenarios for conversion.