Apr 2017
Gas Distribution
MRPS Digital Map-Based Data Capture and Mobile GIS
Apr 2017
Nov 2017
Northern Gas Networks
Brendan Kitson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
This is a three stage project, looking to investigate existing processes and technology within NGN, and develop a smart and accurate prototyope system and process, to imrpove the effciency and quality of field date capture, to enable the seamless transfer of field data directly back into existing business processes and main asset repositories, reducing the need for human intervention and pre and post processing of data.

  • Stage 1 will undertake a design requirements investigation

  • Stage 2 will develop the application and design test requirements

  • Stage 3 will undertake live field trials using the prototype application

Stage 1

  • Undertake detailed liaison with MRPS office and field surveying staff at NGN
  • Validate proposal and produce high-level design of software requirements and user-interface for proposed solution
  • Detailed report of requirements and proposed solution for review and approval by NGN

MGISS will initially undertake detailed network liaison with NGN to evaluate product viability within a number of asset survey methods, smart GIS and spatial analysis within MRPS, and site-based scenarios.

This will determine specific requirements and the level of additional advanced spatial analysis, mobile application development and integration required.

Stage 2 

  • Develop desktop/web-based geo-processing and GIS analysis tools
  • Develop mobile GIS OSMM map-based application for MRPS
  • Deliver a minimum viable product (MVP)

Determine a series of test sites where extensive benchmark testing can be undertaken based on a series of typical real-world scenarios. E.g. urban and rural sites, and testing under a full range of environmental and operational conditions


Stage 3

  • Test MVP against current process
  • Report on any amendments/additions to MVP for further development
  • Report on viability and potential ROI
A successful project will deliver a prototype field based automated survey data gathering tool.

NGN will have defined and proved an efficient and optimal survey method using a combination of smart GIS, mobile workflows and field mapping application for smartphone and tablet platforms, which can be deployed across a wide range of operational tasks, delivering verifiable, accurate, repeatable and risk-reducing functionality.

Ease of use will be the primary operational aim, enabling any field operative to deploy and save time on-site, and eliminate site re-visits.

Develop a MVP for MRPS and associated field survey data capture, GIS asset data processing and integration into NGN business processes

Report a to CBA for future development

Data will be accurately positioned to within predefined tolerances for accuracy

Data will transferred directly into asset repositories

User Acceptance testing will provide positive feedback for further development