Jun 2017
Gas Distribution
Clean to Green
Jun 2017
Jun 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Mark Johnson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
  • Develop technology to use in a gas holder prior to dewatering to provide the business with upfront data to accurately cost a project and make business decisions. Data required is:

o Volume of gas holder construction

o Volume and constituent of waste material

  • Develop technology to decontaminate a gas holder without putting men in the tank or working for heights
  • Provide an accurate and practical way of quantifying the waste material to be removed from gas storage tanks.
  • To obtain a detailed measure of the constituents contained within the waste material prior to demolition so that the best route for recycling or disposal can be identified in advance which will allow for accurate cost analysis of disposal.
  • To develop a cleaning system which removes the need to send men into holding tanks to undertake manual cleaning and remove hazards associated with confined space working. 
  • Successful quantification level of sludge within a gas holder prior to starting the demolition project

  • Ability to determine the sludge constituent within a gas holder prior to starting the demolition project

  • Ability to decontaminate a gas holder eliminating man entry and working from height

  • Ability to undertake a decontamination programme similar that that of the mothballing programme