Dec 2016
Gas Distribution
Connecting homes for health
Dec 2016
Aug 2020
Northern Gas Networks
Jill Walker
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Community Schemes
A two stage methodology to: a) identify and b) effectively test and pilot an appropriate health and wellbeing and environmental benefit criteria that can be incorporated into NGN’s current gas grid connection procedure.

  1. Gas connections procedures are refined to help to ensure the most vulnerable households are reached and engaged.
  2. The concept is socialised through key industry players to bring about wider change and the development of future regulations is better informed.
  3. Local authorities and GDNs  are more enabled to work in partnership to achieve health outcomes (bridging the gap between the two).
  4. New avenues for infrastructure improvement and policy developments are identified.
Stage 1:

A final report including:

  • A review of existing evidence regarding the health outcomes and environmental benefits of connecting a household to the gas grid

  • A review of how impact upon health and wellbeing and the environment has been effectively measured by existing initiatives (qualitatively and quantitatively)

  • An analysis of gaps in current evidence

  • Recommendations of appropriate measurement parameters for a new health-based eligibility criteria for network extension procedures that can work towards addressing those gaps

A consultation workshop with all partners to:

  • Share the results of the stage 1 review and provide feedback

  • Refine and develop methods for testing the criteria developed in the stage 1 review and closing gaps in current evidence regarding the health outcomes of network connections

  • A full proposal for stage 2 of the research incorporating feedback from the consultation workshop will be developed and submitted to NGN for approval

Stage 2:

A pilot study to test and evaluate the health and environmental impact of gas connections procedures in a specified region (County Durham) using qualitative and quantitative techniques both pre- and post-connection (including the use of a crisis fund for the installation of accompanying measures)

A final report evaluating:

  • impact upon health and wellbeing, and benefits to the environment, of connecting a household to the gas network

  • effectiveness of including health and environmental eligibility criteria to current network extension procedures

  • assessment of available health and environmental indicators and criteria that could be adopted as good practice

  • A best practice blue-print including:

  • recommendations for how health and environmental eligibility criteria can be incorporated into current frameworks for gas connections

  • case studies for effective partnership working between local authorities and GDNs for the implementation of the NICE guidance across sectors

  • policy recommendations for enabling other industry bodies to incorporate learnings from the research into connections procedures