Dec 2016
Gas Distribution
Health and Safety Monitor
Dec 2016
Apr 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Derek Field (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Health and Safety
The monitor is a personal issue device, associated with the worker it is issued to. J3llyh34d maintains a lifecycle record of the device itself, including software releases.

There are two options;

The networks could own the systems and integrate the data into existing HR and training record systems.

This could be delivered as a managed service. This would have several advantages, including that data from all workers could be combined to increase the quality of data supporting improvements in PPE, tools and working practices and allowing the worker to ‘passport’ their records from job to job for continuity of care.

Thermalarm was developed to provide a wearable alarm and dosimetric PPE monitor for firefighters to detect head injury, extreme thermal events and long-term heat exposure. PPE is now so good, in particular fabric technology, that the user is insulated from the external environment so well that an alarm is required to alert the user of the impending failure of their PPE

  • The physical design of ActivePPE must allow the device to be flexibly mounted elsewhere on the PPE.
  • Positional referenceability is critical in making the sensor work effectively for consistent measurement.
  • Data logging of the new requirements, communication, gathering, analysis and display of data will also be developed as part of the project.
Success criteria for the project are to;

  • A documented record, evaluating current Health and Safety requirements/reporting for operatives in a site environment

  • Identification of sensors, systems and processes to allow the integration into Gas Network activities/ Health and Safety reporting requirements

  • Consideration of criteria, in the form of a specification, for the development of the product and operational practices.

  • Delivery of instructions on operation for the use of developed equipment.

  • Manufacture, deliver, trial and report on 20 Alpha prototype units.

  • Required HSE compliant data generated, captured, stored and reported from the developed system.

  • A comparison of current methods or data captured and that gathered using the developed product.

  • Product passes alpha trials
    • Test schedule will be agreed at kick off meeting and stage gate

  • Return on investment is confirmed for future implementation
    • Comparison of current methods of gathering operative data to developed system and future savings that could be realised from reduction in operator injury

  • Reporting to Network Licensee at Stage Gate 1, and 2 in the form of technical reports, including research, development, testing and trials.

  • Dissemination of learning from project to facilitate further development/capabilities if required