Feb 2017
Gas Distribution
Syphon Waste Water Remediation
Feb 2017
Oct 2019
Northern Gas Networks
John Pickering
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Reliability and maintenance
Environmental, Measurement and Gas Distribution Networks
The Scope of the project is to reduce NGN impact on the environment, by developing a filter (s) to capture impurities from syphon waste, through a filtration system on site so the water can be disposed of in a conventional way.

The project will be split into three stages:-

Stage One – Development.

Develop the polymers to capture all the impurities from syphon waste, this would include sampling syphon waste from all areas within NGN.


Stage Two Prove concept

Develop a filtration system that can be utilised within our normal removal systems (AT and syphon vehicles).

Test and analyse waste throughout this stage.

Review the disposal of exhausted filtration units.

Look into a system of testing waste for impurities.

Undertake on site trials and analysis.


Stage Three - Implementation

Develop a process

Develop a training plan.

Stage four -

Review future developments.

Undertake a close out report

  • Identify and analyse a variety of suitable filtration media, to assess their effectiveness at removing the contaminants found in gas pipelines.
  • Develop a suitable filtration system that relies on the proven filtration media. The aim is to apply the system to Northern Gas Networks existing ATU and Syphon Vehicles so that the contaminated water can be filtered and discharged into a foul sewer system.
  • Develop an implementation programme with Northern Gas Networks including a best practice process and training guide.
  • Review future developments and collaborate with a close out report.
To have developed, designed, manufactured and testing of a fully proven containment system. The system will be capable of removing contaminants from water ingress found in gas mains.