Oct 2016
Gas Distribution
Highly Portable GPR
Oct 2016
Oct 2017
Northern Gas Networks
Mark Simpson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
It is anticipated to conduct the project in three stages of multiple work packages, separated by Stage Gates. A three stage process is proposed taking the GPR sensor, in conjunction with Sterling GEO’s partner organization.

Initial focus will be to fully scope out the problem leading to a specification against which any developed solution can be appraised and the refinement of the existing sensor to match this specification. It will then be trialed to prove that the results are comparable to existing methods.

Later stages will focus on increasing the application methods and increasing the usability/ease of interpretation of the developed system/GPR results.

  • To scope requirements for system
  • To further develop sensor to detect utility assets
  • To develop prototype handheld unit to allow deployment of sensor
  • To develop GPR display and GIS output to allow comparative data to be gathered
  • To carry out field trials of prototype handheld unit to gather data
  • To compare results of handheld unit to existing GPR results
  1. Data output proven against existing GPR data and through comparison tests
  2. Accurate GPS positioning achieved
  3. Successful field tests with varying conditions and locations
  4. Established accurate and reliable database
  5. Data proven by exposure e.g. undertake trial holes to prove location and depths located by the GPR