Sep 2016
Gas Distribution
Remote ECV Isolation
Sep 2016
Mar 2017
Northern Gas Networks
John Pickering
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Hull is the only mainland UK city not served by BT. Its main telecommunication infrastructure is operated by KC, which also operates a number of other telecommunication systems in the UK. NGN already has a working relationship with KC and together understand the customer’s future requirements. KC also has a close working relationship with Hull University to develop Internet of Things (IoT) systems that could lead to future business opportunities.

Together this consortium of organisations have reviewed how the product from Triple+ could be incorporated into a “Whole Home” system that could provide long term security, reduce risk, allow people to remain in their own home longer and provide clear business opportunities.

Air Quality Monitor monitors room air details once every second to predetermine levels. Should the level of Methane or CO exceed these predetermined levels it send a notification signal to the ECV controller attached to the existing valve positioned before the customers meter, closing the ECV. Immediately this action triggers a notification to a communication device in the customer’s home. This communication device also monitors other systems around the home, it then sends a notification to the communications centre (Telecommunications Infrastructure).

The Network can then act on these messages and continue to monitor the property. These actions can include contacting affected stakeholders (Property Owner, Family Friends and Care Organisations). It will also communicate direct with the Networks Control Centre who can take immediate action.

  • To determine best location of sensors and develop the best sensor for the operation.
  • To determine turn off point (LEL readings)
  • Test under simulated conditions.
  • Test in specific properties.
  • Check data integrity.
  • Develop process and check process.
  • Interact with all utilities on the development.
  • Close out report.
The project is deemed successful, if it can be proved that the system operates as designed and over a length of time, without failure or creating an increase in workload. Therefore, the project has to meet the following criteria:

  • Gas safety framework is accepted for deployment during proof of concept stage

  • Remotely operated ECV is compatible with EU approved sensor

  • Fifteen units are successfully deployed for nine months

  • All stakeholders, trained, informed, consulted, aware and comfortable with actions

  • No false negatives reported throughout trial

  • Communications systems conform to necessary standards

  • Final Report produced, with recommendations