Jul 2016
Gas Distribution
Offtake Optimisation
Jul 2016
Oct 2016
Northern Gas Networks
Gareth Mills (Project Lead) & Tony Pearson (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
  • The scope of the project is to use the skills, experience, approaches, methodologies and advanced modelling capabilities of NGN and KPMG / McLaren to examine the areas of challenge and opportunity outlined in the “Problem” section above for potential benefits.

  • This area was identified as having the potential for further examination and development during the previous “scoping” project

The objectives of this project are to:-

  • Develop a methodology to bring insight from multiple sources including Graphical Falcon (the network analysis tool used to model the Transmission Pipeline network) and expert knowledge in order to agree required capacities at NTS offtakes.
  • Develop an initial assessment tool and methodology which utilise multiple inputs including system constraints and capabilities, system interactions, differential capacity charges, etc.
  • Challenge and refine concepts as they are developed
  • If a more complex solution is identified which could (in a way which is cost-effective) deliver further benefits, produce a high level implementation plan to show what key activities are required to further develop and deliver this


The project will be deemed successful, if

  • Hypotheses were generated, challenged and refined

  • Feasibilities of these concepts, including risks and costs were developed

  • NGN will be able to make an informed decision to proceed or not with developing and implementing new tool(s) and / or process(es) based on a robust business case supporting viable hypotheses