Aug 2016
Gas Distribution
Paw Patrol (Gas Detection Dogs - Phase 2)
Aug 2016
Mar 2017
Northern Gas Networks
Gary Tupper
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
This project is to conduct additional research to evaluate whether trained sniffer dogs can be added to operation teams.

BKI will collate all information gathered during the project and report the findings. This will focus the dog’s performance, accuracy, sensitivity, and suitability for ongoing inspections.

  1. Imprint the dog with domestic scented gas using sample bottles provided by the operator.
  2. Design and install a test rig outlining requirements from NGN with known leak locations.
  3. Confirm whether a dog can detect domestic gas in a controlled environment of buried pipework containing manufactured leaks.
  4. Directly compare the dog’s performance and detection ability with that of a Gascoseeker.
  5. Confirm whether a dog can be trained to detect a leak on reported/known leaking infrastructure in an uncontrolled environment.
The project will be deemed successful if a technical report has been issued summarising the project’s outcomes based on the following parameters:

  • The dog’s performance in terms of accuracy and sensitivity

  • It’s suitability for ongoing inspections in comparison to conventional methods

  • Identification of potential benefits in comparison to conventional methods through increased speed of leakage detection and avoided excavations and their associated financial, environmental and safety benefits