Nov 2016
Gas Distribution
Water Ingress Investigation
Nov 2016
Oct 2017
Northern Gas Networks
Steve Pigott
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks and Modelling
The scope of work for this stage is split into four main tasks:

  1. Develop a modelling tool for calculating volumes of water
  2. Identify likely Locations of Water Ingress/Collection
  3. Use of portable dew point moisture testing in conjunction with Network Analysis
  4. Online Monitoring and reporting of water level and moisture content

To scope requirements for system

To further develop sensor to detect utility assets

To develop prototype handheld unit to allow deployment of sensor

To develop GPR display and GIS output to allow comparative data to be gathered

To carry out field trials of prototype handheld unit to gather data

To compare results of handheld unit to existing GRP results

  1. Modelling Tool for Calculating Volumes of Water
    • Workshop/meeting with Network Analysis and MRP teams to establish requirements for a modelling tool and collect information regarding data availability
    • Based on the established requirements, develop a modelling tool that can be deployed on the ESRI ArcGIS platform and used by NGN staff
    • Demonstrate the modelling tool through a number of scenarios that, as far as possible, simulate previous water ingress events.

  2. Likely Locations of Water Ingress/Collection
    • A series of GIS layers covering the entire NGN below 7 bar network. Data layers produced will be Compatible with ESRI ArcGIS and will show likely ingress locations and network low points.

  3. Portable dew point moisture testing
    • Suitable instruments will be identified and, working with Network Analysis, will be subjected to field trial.

  4. Feasibility Study into Online Monitoring of Water Ingress
    • Assess the requirements for use and performance of hygrometers. Determine the feasibility of installation of moisture monitoring at above ground meter boxes, upstream of the meter.
    • A technology search of available level indicators, hygrometers and associated equipment.
    • Design, assemble and test a prototype set of equipment in the laboratory before being deployed in the field by NGN (under G23).
    • Establish requirements for integrating data from moisture content measurements into existing NGN corporate data capture and reporting systems.