Apr 2016
Gas Distribution
Apr 2016
Aug 2016
Northern Gas Networks and National Grid Gas Distribution
Adam Madgett - Northern Gas Networks; Andy Lewis - National Grid
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The GS(M)R limit for hydrogen may provide a significant limitation on the possibilities to introduce hydrogen into the gas distribution network. This project aims to provide an initial study to provide support to any required exemption to the current 0.1 mol% hydrogen concentration limit. It is suggested that a reasonable hydrogen limit based on other studies performed around Europe, and also early work in the UK on the development of the GS(M)R is 2 -3 mol%. However this study will aim to look at levels as high as 20% hydrogen.

The technical report aims to identify what is required in the areas below.

  • Literature survey and gap analysis

  • Impact of hydrogen on gas industry procedures

  • Gas entry unit design

  • Rhinology testing

  • Network modelling and operation

  • Quantitative Risk Assessment

To provide solid evidence which will identify key areas that need addressing before a GS(M)R exemption for hydrogen can be granted. 

The outputs of this NIA project aims to feed into a combined NIC demonstrator collaboration project between NGGD and NGN.

The information that is collated from this project will provide a platform for all future projects around Hydrogen. It is hoped that the inclusion of this NIA project within the joint NIC demonstrator bid will provide the necessary portfolio of research to ensure that the NIC bid is successful.