Feb 2016
Gas Distribution
Analytical Approaches to Asset Management
Feb 2016
Jul 2016
Northern Gas Networks
Gareth Mills (Project Lead) & Tony Pearson (Project Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The scope of the project is to use the skills, experience, approaches, methodologies and advanced modelling techniques from an alternative high performing area of asset management (KPMG / McLaren) working with NGN to examine the areas of challenge and opportunity outlined in the “Problem” section above for potential benefits. In this project we are investigating approaches from outside of the gas industry to determine whether or not these are not only transferable but will help us address some gas industry challenges. Note that this list may not be exhaustive and will be further refined and defined in the early stages of the project.

The challenges that have been identified are long standing, complex and industry wide. Therefore the first phase of this project will be focused on understanding the ‘art of the possible’ i.e. what would the concept of a solution look like.

The combined NGN / alliance team will have unique insights into the specifics of the challenge (NGN) and the latest thinking in the application of analytics (alliance). At the end of this phase, the combined team will be able to share insight into whether an opportunity exists, and if so, an indication of the size of the prize, route map and risks.

  • The outputs from this phase will capture findings, insights and opportunities from collaborative workshops, interviews and innovation stimulation events. These will be used to generate and refine hypotheses. The most viable hypotheses will undergo further investigation, from which a holistic description will be developed that covers key elements of the operating model. Where appropriate a visual representation of the concept will also be created.
  • The feasibility of these concepts will also be detailed, and will include operating model impacts, risks and a value case (financial and non-financial value).
  • A high level implementation plan will show what key activities are required to further develop and deliver each viable concept
  • Capture findings, insights and opportunities from collaborative workshops, interviews and innovation stimulation events

  • Generate and refine hypotheses and investigate the most viable ones further

  • Where appropriate develop a visual representation of the concept(s)

  • Develop feasibilities of these concepts, including risks and costs.

  • NGN will have learnt new ways of thinking (methods etc.) and working to approach complex challenges

  • NGN will be able to make an informed decision to proceed with developing and implementing new tool(s) and / or process(es) based on a robust business case supporting viable hypotheses