May 2017
Gas Distribution
May 2017
Jun 2018
Northern Gas Networks
David Dormund (NGN)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Maintenance & Inspection, Network Monitoring and Gas Distribution Networks
This concept and technology is currently not used for this purpose with NGN or the GDN gas networks. The project team will monitor progress throughout this period and undertake feedback from all interested parties and will collate trial report.

Stage 1

  • Complete workshop with up to 4 potential supplier
  • Develop principle agreement on adoption of designed process


Stage 2


  • Modify Existing System to meet requirements of suppliers
  • Develop technology to meet business requirements
  • Develop system integration process
  • Design data transfer system
  • Develop bespoke system for trial


Stage 3


  • Install developed system to integrate
  • AVK App
  • 3rd Party Processes/Systems
  • NGN – Receive, Store and Retrieve Data
  • Test system on purchase made from 3rd Parties




  • Development of data transfer system that stores information supplied directly from the fittings manufacturer/supplier,
  • Allowing NGN to book items into stock locations/sites,
  • Creates an inventory management,
  • Assigns a unique QR label to the product,
  • Uses a bespoke application to scan and add those items to database enabling an upload to current NGN Asset Management System. (SAP and Data books)
The project will be deemed a success if the following criteria are met:-

  • End to end traceability of key high value material.

  • Reduced waste through loss of fittings being reduced.

  • Reduced likelihood of human error in recording or missing data. Increased likelihood of supply of required certification from manufacturers and suppliers.

  • Reduced need to deviate from NGN specifications and detailed design.

  • Reduced reliance of 3rd party FFP assessment and Quality Assurance.

  • Reduced cost of 3rd party FFP assessment and Quality Assurance.

  • Improved data integrity.

  • Reduced workload for MP Site managers in collating materials and Deviations.