Mar 2016
Gas Distribution
Project Concur
Mar 2016
Jun 2016
Northern Gas Networks, Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution, SP Energy Networks, Northern Powergrid, UK Power Networks, Wales and West Utilities and National Grid Gas Distribution
Eileen Brown, Lead Network, Northern Gas Networks Project Advisory Team: Suzanne Taylor, SP Energy Networks Debbie Mitchell, National Grid Jim Cardwell, Northern Powergrid Richard Westwood, SSE Steve Edwards, Wales & West Utilities
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Undertaking an initial feasibility study is financially very prudent as the industry recognises collaboration will create new types of initiatives in the customer service arena. However, after years of competition and running individual programmes, Networks need to understand the value, complexity and possible outcomes of any comprehensive project.

GDN’s and DNO’s collaborate with the EIC through a series of Strategic Innovation Summits, which brings together Company CEO’s and Senior Leaders from across GB to recognise cross-sector challenges within the energy landscape and collaborate on major sector innovation projects. On September 14, 2015 the EIC held a Customer Service Collaboration Summit in London with over 30 senior leaders. The Summit revealed that there is a much stronger case for addressing customer service challenges together, rather than each GDN and/or DNO addressing them independently.

This feasibility study is a result of that summit.

The Project Advisory Team, made up of representatives from various Network Operators, will be designated to oversee the governance and outcomes of this study. The team will be made up of subject matter experts who will inform the project partners, Fahrenheit 212, to shape the conclusions, develop the solutions and make the final determination, alongside the EIC. Therefore, the partnership requires collaboration, availability and contribution to ensure completing the critical success factors.

Our partners will complete three phases of the project over a 12 week period covering: -

Preliminary Exploration; covering Customer, Category, Channel and Company which will generate preliminary insights across these four opportunity areas.

Discovery Stage; building on the exploratory work, deploy research around a chosen opportunity area to test primary research with a cross section of stakeholders.

Final Definition; from the discovery findings the team will define and develop an innovation solution on how collaboration across DNOs and GDNs would work in executing and running the final proposed solution.

This final solution will be presented to EIC, Project Advisory Team, Senior Leaders and key Stakeholders.

The overall objective of this strategic approach is to investigate the proposition that creating a new industry-wide, customer-centric solution, using combined consumer data, networks will deliver greater benefits to existing and future customers.

Phase 1:  Preliminary insights around the current and future needs and opportunities around New Consumer Data Scenarios. Provide sufficient stimulus to the network stakeholders and advisory team to complete an exploratory workshop. This phase will be completed off-site by the project partners completing independent research.

Phase 2:  Complete Stakeholder Research. With guidance from the Advisory Team, the project partners will design and execute a research methodology to address the specific areas of exploration.

Phase 3:  Define and develop a solution for Customer Data in accordance to the exact needs of the feasibility assessment for the industry which has the necessary dimensions and information to decide whether or not the idea meets the evaluation criteria set during the Project Kick-off.

Completed Stage gate:

Week 2: Complete an exploratory workshop with relevant stakeholders.

Week 6: Complete a Research Debrief & Solutions Workshop with EIC & Project Advisory Team.

Week 8: Complete a Solutions Workshop with EIC, Project Advisory Board, Senior Leaders and Major Stakeholders.

Week 12: Final determination and rescope of project.

Present a compelling vision, value proposition with baseline features and functionality as well as key benefits for customers and other key stakeholders, the industry, and regulators. This vision must consider, and account for, the operational implications of an industry collaboration initiative.

Presentation of clear opportunity areas as a result of the phase 1 research containing compelling clarity to assist the Advisory Team to direct phase 2 research.

Deliver a high level, but comprehensive, Research Debrief outlining key insights and implications gleaned from detailed stakeholder research. Delivering comprehensive debrief as part of a larger Solutions Development Workshop, which will allow the Project Team to immediately translate the learning from the research into a solution recommendation.

Provide an outline of the operational, financial, regulatory, and technological and communication considerations of deploying a collaborative approach to consumer data to a “solutions workshop”.

Completing an assessment of each solution against the criteria set out at the beginning of the Feasibility Study together with strengths, weaknesses, viability and opportunities.

EIC and the Project Advisory Team decision-making facilitated and clear pathway to move forward.