Mar 2016
Gas Distribution
Subline Structural
Mar 2016
Jun 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Richard Hynes-Cooper
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Network Innovation Allowance
Environmental and Gas Distribution Networks
Subterra have researched and developed the principle of Factory Rolled Pipe and they have since filed a UK patent and commenced the development of a process at their own expense which is ongoing.

The proposal is to make a 155 SDR 21 pipe, this will be factory reduced to a 140 SDR 17 state which it retains in storage. The pipe is aimed at 6” mains renewal. Once inserted in the 140mm form it is reverted to its original dimension (which results in a nominal 140mm bore size).

The solution sites between 140 SDR 17.6 and 180 SDR 17.6, slip lining and open cut respectively. It would be expected to satisfy a percentage of the current need for 6” open cut works which we need to identify the suitability to complete the exercise. The pipe will be produced in 100m coils.

The second element of this proposal is to provide a bowser and reversion pump unit, again both in the workshop and in field testing to facilitate the reversion process within the 'Subline Structural' technique to take place using a fully automated reversion pump to deliver a close fit liner pipe.

The reversion unit design will aim to be compatible with mobile phone app software for data capture purposes, this is not available via the current method.

The use of this pump to facilitate the reversion process will simplify the physical mechanics of the operator and remove the opportunity for human error.

The project will assess suitability for the pump to be trailer mounted along with a water tank that can transported to site and the water used for the reversion process. The water will then be recycled back into the water tank. The pipe coils come in 100m lengths, the volume of water required to facilitate the reversion process for this pipe length is 1700 litres. The weight of 1700 litres of water is 1700kg, the trailer therefore must therefore be suitable to transport a ‘fluid load’ of up to that weight and volume.

The third element of this proposal is to develop a skills, training and competency matrix to enable execution of the reversion process measured against set criteria which is linked to the NGN STC/SCO match framework.

The mobile phone app will aim to link directly into the NGN STC/SCO match framework and provide a portfolio of evidence of use and to determine competency on an enduring basis.

We have identified 5km of suitable 6” ‘size for size’ dead insertion work that will be used for field trials to assess the suitability of this solution throughout the project.

A report will be produced at the end of the project to assess the suitability and benefits of the proposed solution measured against the defined success criteria.

Successful development of factory based, subline pipe

Successful development of a fully automated electronic reversion pump with data capture capability

Measured savings in costs using this method

Procedures created and documented via standards

Reduced excavation’s avoiding customer disruption

Successful development of an application to link the electronic reversion pump for data capture purposes

Reduced duration of works improving customer service

Successful delivery of the Subline Structural insertion and reversion technique via field trials

Define logistical constraints of factory based subline pipe variants. I.e. sunlight, temperature, timescales etc

The availability of pipe that is modified at the factory and is available to procure via Subterra

Successful creation of a fully automated reversion pump unit that simplifies the reversion process

Development of a traceability app based on mobile phone technology to capture site data and integration into NGN systems

Successful creation of a pump device that removes the need for water standpipe licences and usage in certain conditions dependant of volumes and is compatible with water recycling post-reversion

Successful creation of a self-contained transportable water tank that removes the need for water disposal on site in certain conditions dependant of volumes and is compatible with water recycling post-reversion.

Competence training matrix and assessment portfolio creation