Mar 2016
Gas Distribution
Alternative ECV Exchange Kit
Mar 2016
Sep 2016
Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities
Northern Gas Networks - Brian Bennett, Wales & West Utilities - Lucy Mason
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The Scope of this Project is to undertake the design, prototype development and trial of an alternative ECV exchange kit for use in semi-concealed meter boxes.

The Project stages are:

  • Design and Development

  • Prototype Manufacture and Internal Testing

  • Modifications to Design

  • Field Trials

The Project seeks to prove that the intended solution is able, through trialling, to demonstrate that it is a technically feasible, more efficient and customer friendly alternative to current methods of performing an exchange on a semi-concealed meter box ECV.

Following completion of the development and trial of the prototype product:

  • The GDNs would be in a position to decide with confidence whether the concept is technically capable of performing the desired task

  • The product would be ready to take forward to the internal GDN approval, manufacture and roll-out