Jan 2015
Gas Distribution
H21 Leeds Citygate
Jan 2015
Apr 2017
Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities
Dan Sadler & Richard Pomroy
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
As the UK transitions to a low carbon economy there are numerous scenarios that could play a part in the future UK energy mix. Gas currently contributes over 35% of the UK’s energy needs and is seen as an important transitional fuel as the UK moves to a low carbon economy. However, what if it isn’t just a transitional fuel but a key principle contributor to the carbon reduction targets.

As a pure element Hydrogen leaves no carbon footprint, the combustion of hydrogen with oxygen results in water and heat. Most people have heard of hydrogen vehicles (fuel cell technology) but what if there was a bigger opportunity in the long term i.e. a hydrogen based distribution system for domestic heating and cooking! This could then be used to connect fuelling station forecourts to have hydrogen ‘on tap’ for the new generation low carbon vehicles.

As part of the ongoing studies of hydrogen this project will play a pivotal role in the debate. The project will redesign the gas network for Leeds to establish a high pressure (17 bar) outer city ring main transporting methane (CH4) to strategically placed Steam methane reforming (SMR) plants for distribution into the below 7bar network. These will also be supplemented by power to gas technology.

To produce a report capped at 100 pages covering the challenges, benefits, risks and opportunities of converting a major UK to city, Leeds, to a hydrogen network using the existing gas network.

Produce a design scenario for Leeds city gas network converted to a Hydrogen Network.

  • Complete a research review and study in Steam Methane Reforming, including international learning

  • Complete a review into Power to Gas Technology and its impact on Leeds City

  • Complete an impact assessment of the gas appliance population within Leeds based on a hydrogen network

  • Complete an impact assessment on the existing gas network within Leeds of the introduction of hydrogen, based on international trials and best practice

  • Undertake an assessment on the potential use of a hydrogen delivered via a network on road vehicles

  • Re-model the Leeds Gas Network based on hydrogen conversion including costs and customer impact

  • Based on the learning from all stages undertake a holistic review of the conversion process with detailed conversion strategy, costs, timescales, benefits and challenges

  • Produce a detailed planning report on the project for dissemination to the energy sector