Jan 2015
Gas Distribution
T-Shale Part Two (Summer Flow Modelling)
Jan 2015
Jan 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Dan Sadler (Head of Head of Energy Futures) & Chris Barron
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project scope has been broken into four sections:

1. Prove the accuracy and suitability of ultrasonic flow meters

An important component of this project will be to demonstrate the accuracy and suitability of ultrasonic flow metering foe low flow conditions. This will be achieved by requiring suppliers to demonstrate and prove the accuracy of their product against existing fiscal metering apparatus, and on a test rig under laboratory conditions.

2. Install flow meters and collect demand data for the low flow summer conditions 2015/2016

Network analysis has identified a number of suitable locations across the network, which will provide a representative cross section of community archetype which can be extrapolated across the gas distribution networks. Flow meters will be installed at these locations during the low flow demand periods of summer 2015 and 2016 to log and record actual low demand flows, to be used in recalibrating the network modelling software

3. Recalibrate the network flow modelling software

The data gained from the actual summer flows will be fed into the model. At present the model assumes low demand flows of 0.5% - 1.5% of peak demand. The actual flow data will allow the theoretical assumptions in the software modelling for low demand flows to be recalibrated to represent the actual flow data.

4. Validate the developed network follow modelling software against actual flow data summer 2017

Further flow meters will be installed during the low flow demand period of summer 2017 to validate the calculated flows from the recalibrated software model against actual flow data. This will prove the accuracy of the recalibrated software model.

The objective for Phase 1 of the project is to demonstrate the suitability and accuracy of ultrasonic meters for use on the UK distribution networks.


The objective for Phases 2 to 4 of the project is to work collaboratively with the other GDN’s to develop the existing network demand software model to provide accurate, calculated low flow data across the network. This will allow the networks to provide unconventional gas developers with robust, year round, demand data to allow investment decisions and de-risk entry connection contracts. 

  • Actual low flow (summer 2016/17) demand data will be monitored and recorded

  • The existing network flow modelling software will have been recalibrated, utilising actual demand data, to accurately predict demand during periods of low flow demand

  • The recalibrated software model will have been validated against actual flow conditions

  • The suitability of ultrasonic meters for the measurement of low flows will have been established.