Dec 2014
Gas Distribution
Service Water Extraction
Dec 2014
Jun 2016
Northern Gas Networks
John Pickering
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project will include the following stages:

Feasibility Study: Will also look into the individual system components, including a review of all other globally available technology to enhance the key aims of the methodology. The key areas are:

Network Entry, no gas entry methodology

Use on 17.5 to 32mm PE pipes, ¾” to 1½” metallic service pipes and ServiFlex lined service pipes

Operating Network Pressure System initially limited to below 74mm

Test volumes of extracted water

Trial optimum distances from remote location.

Recycling and reinjection of gas back into network

3D Prototype Stage

  • Alpha prototype production of designs.

  • Design review

Bench Test Prototype Stage

  • Suction head & spring development

  • Push-rod development

  • Vacuum pump development

  • Cable-reel and carry-case development

  • Beta prototype production of design

  • Laboratory testing

  • Design review

Field Trials Prototype Stage

  • Required further development from beta testing and design review

  • Gamma prototype production of designs.

  • Laboratory testing

  • Site selection and field trials

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Develop appropriate technology that will easily, simply and quickly remove water from a remote location reducing customer disruption.
  • Entry to service pipe via ECV entry point under no gas operation.
  • A single operation to remove water from up to 20mtrs from entry point on pressures up to 75mbar 
  • Develop a methodology of recycling gas back into the network and separating water from gas
  • Produce documents, reports, presentations and seminars to share the learning from this project



Through-out the project there will be monthly updates from Synthotech to update NGN on the progress of the project. There will be key deliverables reviews at key points with accountable parties clearly identified. The project seeks to deliver:

  • A sufficient flow rate of water extraction for a manual system.

  • Speed, manpower and customer disruption reductions as compared to current methods

  • Ease of use and a target maximum training of 4 hours for competent use of the equipment

  • Sufficiently robust hardware

  • One Person operation

  • Does not require connection external power supply e.g. 110v/240v