Sep 2014
Gas Distribution
Project Futurewave
Sep 2014
May 2015
Northern Gas Networks, SGN, Wales and West Utilities and National Grid Gas Distribution
Nicholas Phillips NGN Lead Contact, Angus Mcintosh SGN , Steve Edwards WWU, Tony Nixon NGGD
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The project has been split into two main stages:

Phase 1: The Co-Creation phase will be investigate, through the collaborative identification of pivotal insights, both consumer and commercial realities, researching key choices about where we’ll focus key strategic decisions, develop a set of hypotheses that will guide and ignite the concepts we’ll collectively create around the social energy in the subsequent phase of the project

Phase 2: Will be a rapid development stage resulting in fully dimensioned concepts that represent concrete new value for both consumers and GDNs, and how they can be executed. These concepts are designed to gain all GDN alignment on the best way to develop future specific projects, as either a collaborative portfolio of NIA projects or a NIC proposal.

These concepts will become more detailed over the course of Phase 2 from initial sparks of intent to richly dimensioned and optimized propositions, ready for assessment and commercialization planning.

This proposed innovation project is intended enable Networks to understand their role and contribution in localised energy generation and consumption. This initial stage research will:


Four main objectives have been identified initially for the project:-

1.    Provide an understanding of consumer habits, practices, unmet needs and motivations for existing and emerging behaviors.

2.    Explore the operational requirements and commercial realities of distributing natural gas in the UK.

3.    Provide an insight into the competitive landscape and metrics, dynamics and growth drivers of the gas industry.

4.    Set the findings in the GDN’s strategic objectives and operating environment, as well as all relevant assets and capabilities.

  • Clear definition of social energy within 4 rural and 4 urban environments and alignment of these definitions on the project agenda going forward.

  • Development of three concepts into a full solution.

  • Development and presentation of final solution