Jan 2015
Gas Distribution
Total stub end abandonment
Jan 2015
Jan 2016
Northern Gas Networks
Ian Waddle, Richard Read, Alec Breen
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Review existing population of connection types from Tier 1 to Tier 2 & 3 mains. Assessing the technical difficulties for each type of Tee and its population within the network.

Redevelop the existing design of the Stub End delivery product, this will be done at no cost to the project by the project partner.

Undertake off-network testing of new design to be undertaken on at least two different design types.

Undertake two “initial” demonstration trials on NGN’s Network to prove the feasibility of the developed technique.

Carry out a review of feasibility trial.

Undertake a sample population of the commonest connection type and trial on small sample of differing types to tee connections.

Amend recording techniques within systems to ensure accuracy of data is complete.

Produce operational & management procedures along review of existing process to ensure full compliance

To produce a fit for technique and methodology to fully remove from risk Tier 1 stub ends connected to 9” mains and above.

Introduce a new product or service to the sector for decommissioning pipes in this category without the need for major customer disruption.

Gain approval for product to be used on the gas network

Introduce, from a remote location, an isolation technique that 100% removes stub end tier 1 pipes connected to tier 2 and 3 parent mains

Ensure that the new technique complies fully with Stub End Policy and data is captured in recording systems.