Dec 2014
Gas Distribution
Management of wastewater
Dec 2014
Jun 2015
Northern Gas Networks
Derek Field
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Network Innovation Allowance
This project will consider existing NGN procedures relating to the management of wastewater arising from NGN operational activities and review existing working practices and arrangements.

The project will incorporate a review of commercially available technologies that can be used to characterise, treat and dispose of wastewater and identify opportunities for prevention, re-use and recycling of wastewater together with a high level economic assessment of identified initiatives.

Outputs from the above reviews will be used to inform the development of an improved operational decision matrix for use by operational teams to identify the required actions for treatment, handling and disposal of wastewater.

Text for the revision of the existing NGN ‘Management of Wastewater & Sampling Discharges’ procedures

to accommodate proposed changes to working practices for the handling, treatment, recycling and disposal of wastewater arising from the review, will be provided.

This project will undertake a review of current procedures and working practices relating to the management of wastewater arising from operational activities / NGN infrastructure and identify new technologies available to improve sustainability and performance.


Where appropriate, the project will develop revised wastewater handling, treatment and disposal procedures containing clear, unambiguous guidelines for a broad range of site specific scenarios.

Following this research NGN should be able to:

  • Reduce operational risk with respect to wastewater related activities.

  • Identify opportunities for prevention, re-use and recycling of wastewater to improve the sustainability of the NGN operation and potentially offer cost savings to the business.

  • Summary of commercially available mobile wastewater treatment and spill prevention technologies and highlighting technologies most suitable for use by UK GDNs.