Jun 2014
Gas Distribution
Low Carbon Energy Solutions
Jun 2014
Dec 2016
Northern Gas Networks
Tom Bell (Head of Social Strategy)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
To review which existing and potential technologies which could provide more efficient methods of heating and hot water to residents in high density, low income situations.

Develop an innovative scheme that provide a long term, low cost, low carbon energy solution to a large community of social housing residents.

Develop a strategy for available grant funding, identifying any gaps in funding arrangements and options for replication of the scheme across other housing associations and GDN’s.

To develop a study that will capture current energy usage behaviours, understand current comfort levels currently experiencing, attitudes to existing heat experience and acceptance of future opportunities,

To identify true cost and challenges of fuel poor communities transition to the low carbon economy.


To identify actual behaviours residents undertake to maintain heat comfort levels and technologies available that could increase these levels at a lower cost.


To identify the role of gas in assisting the transition to these low carbon solutions and inform NGN on the impact of the transition.

Complete a statistically robust research project on the energy use, behaviour and attitudes to change. Develop a strategic view on technologies and systems that could prove suitable to buildings, people and owners on how these communities could make a transition to a low carbon economy with costs and challenges.

Develop a view on most suitable options on site that could make that early transition to provide a real example on approaching these communities. Provide guide on existing funding sources and support available that would assist in developing a physical project.