May 2014
Gas Distribution
Guided Wave Non Destructive Testing Inspection of Mains Pipelines
May 2014
May 2016
Northern Gas Networks and National Grid Gas Distribution
NGN – Kristina Brazenaite NGG- Neil Russell TD Williamson – Andrew Little
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
This project is a follow on to the smaller proof of concept trial conducted by NGN in the Tyne Tunnel. The project will encompass a representative number of trial sites and will allow the GUL system to be trialled in a variety of conditions and provide more scope for the confirmation of the results using standard inspection techniques. This project will better inform the networks of the capabilities of the GUL system.

The trial will focus on surveying non piggable steel pipelines in difficult to access areas, a mixture of both sleeve and special crossings sites will be selected.

A report will be produced detailing the operation and results of the trials.

The objectives are:

Prove that the GUL device can be used to inspect difficult to inspect pipelines and reveal new information about asset condition

Conformation that guided wave technology can be transferred from oil pipelines to UK gas pipelines

Demonstrate that the results of this version of a guided wave device can provide a valuable resource to enable the GDN’s a greater ability to reclassify pipelines to conform with RIIO GD1

Confidence that the total lengths of previously uninspected pipelines can now be efficiently inspected and more objectively classified for risk

Evidence that the GUL method provides a cost effective, non-obtrusive inspection technique

Evidence that the method can reduce savings in excavation and reinstatements

Confidence that all readings obtained by this technique can be interpreted