Oct 2014
Gas Distribution
Sustainable Multi Storey Communities
Oct 2014
Oct 2016
Northern Gas Networks and Northern Powergrid
Tom Bell (Head of Social Strategy), Chris Goodhand (Innovation Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
To review current multi storey building status within the Newcastle City “Pool”, including technical, physical building and utilities data, previous or current or future amendments/interactions with, presence/absence of applicable residents associations.

Community Based Engagement: Initial and on-going community dialogue, Interaction which will mediate –articulated existing demand profiles, social appraisal of options and rationale based on articulated demand/ baseline utilities/inarticulated demand.

Review of current funding landscape and regulatory environment - including opportunities and barriers.

Analysis of baseline pre-collected data within 'pool' (e.g. utilities and buildings related ). How do these relate to wider scenario in the UK? How does this direct use?

Provide a report and business case on combined social technical and economic analysis - including initiatives, non-energy values, built environment, re-bundling of value chains.

Provide recommendations for future projects, early stage technologies and related research.

Develop a detailed knowledge  and understanding of the current situation (with regard to multi storey communities in the North East); including the attitudes, needs, priorities and perspectives of stakeholders (including Residents, Northern Power Grid, Northern Gas Network, Northumbrian Water Ltd,  Newcastle City Council, Your Homes Newcastle and Newcastle University),  the physical and technological status of the multi-storey communities within a North East Wide ‘pool’,  the options available to multi storey communities,  and the  responsibilities, regulatory limitations or accessibility to existing funding steams.

The project will also seek to identify and scope some concrete stakeholder-friendly, socio-technical interventions that allow Networks to have the future energy systems that better serve the inhabitants and owners of the multi-storey dwellings.

Preliminary decision support /tree tool informing industry partners on the current options available.

Development of a potential strategy for further investigation areas and benefits of these investigations.

An Initial combined social technical and economic analysis - including initiatives, non-energy values, built environment, re-bundling of value chains.

Initial business case development describing findings, results and informing future and related projects.

It is anticipated that together this will provide direct further investigation into the approaches that may be suitable within differing sites, scales, and provide sufficient information to either identification of appropriate pre-existing funding streams to implement change, or evidence to put to central government and industry regulators to request change to funding streams (DECC, Ofgem, Ofwat).