Jan 2014
Gas Distribution
Tyne Tunnel guided wave trial
Jan 2014
Mar 2014
Northern Gas Networks
Craig Alderson
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
The method has been successfully used in the off shore oil and gas sectors, but never on the GB gas distribution system. This Project will trial the technology on one particular site, as a precursor to potential further NIA projects on difficult to inspect pipeline applications.

NGN have a limited time window to trial the Method on two intermediate pressure mains running through the pedestrian and cycle tunnel in the Tyne Tunnel. The Project will trial the Method on two lengths of pipe approximately 300m in length.

Dependant on the characteristics of the pipeline In one particular portion and how it responds to the Method, it may be necessary to fit an ultrasonic device permanently with a remote connection, to enable the pipeline to be inspected easily at any point in the future

The objectives are:

  • To conduct a 100% inspection of the Tyne Tunnel pipelines for the first time
  • To provide categorised rankings of any tunnel pipeline defects making recommendations either for no action, further investigation or  repair
  • To validate that the interpretation of Method results as developed in the oil & gas environment translates to the gas distribution network environment
  • To understand if the Method has the potential for other NIA projects
  • To understand the value or need for the permanent fitment of Method sensors in locations that are particularly hard to access outside the window of opportunity in this Project


  • Confidence that the total lengths of previously pipelines uninspected pipelines can now be efficiently inspected and more objectively classified for risk

  • A report that confirms that all readings obtained by in the trial can be interpreted and all readings can be identified.