Feb 2014
Gas Distribution
Gas PTii
Feb 2014
Jun 2018
Northern Gas Networks
Ben Hanley
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Network Innovation Allowance
GD - Future of gas
Asset Management
NGN want to encourage development and competition within the gas chromatograph market by testing GasPTi to UK industry standards and proving it is fit for purpose.

As a result of this project we will be working with OFGEM, SGS, Orbital and GL to produce a technical document advising the GasPTi can be used to measure gas quality on all Ofgem directed sites. All lessons learnt and knowledge will be shared throughout the following stages:

  • The device will go through testing at GL Noble Denton Loughbrough adhering to the testing criteria as detailed by Ofgem

  • The device will be installed on an NGN Ofgem Directed Offtake alongside an existing Daniel 500 Gas chromatograph to begin gathering data for the field trial.

  • Data from the flow trial will be submitted for review by Ofgem

  • Ofgem will advise if the testing has been successful and if they will be issuing a formal letter of approval

·         To develop a technical report which proves the devices suitability, accuracy and stability from the field trial which can be used to support the Ofgem approval and be compiled into a report to be issued by OGS.

·         Gain approval as an Ofgem directed CV measurement device for use on any site under direction from Ofgem.

·         To provide GDNs with a completely new  alternative to Daniel 500 Chromatograph

Enable cost savings to the customer as new gas pti is as accurate as the gas chromatographs we currently use but available at a significantly reduced cost.

Produce a report and gain approval by Ofgem that GasPTi is a directed CV measurement device fit for use on Ofgem directed distribution sites.

Leading the GDN market in development of new type of technology and sharing knowledge amongst other GDNs that another type of gas chromatograph is available