Jan 2014
Gas Distribution
Technologies and strategies to reduce gas leakage expenditure profile
Jan 2014
Jul 2015
Northern Gas Networks and Wales and West Utilities
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Network Innovation Allowance
Networks want to adopt best practices from overseas or other sectors that prove viable within the UK gas network, they also understand the impact methane has on carbon emissions and wish to reduce this as much as economically possible. This research, unique in the gas industry is to undertake a close technical review of the water industries approach to leakage strategies to learn and share best practices. This project will seek to identify the benefits from the transfer of approaches and techniques used in the water industry and to identify potential improvements in the efficiency and effectiveness of gas industry leakage management. It will also Identify routes to leakage reduction during the early part of RIIO GD1 to maximise the duration for implementation and net benefits to customers. It may also provide longer term strategic planning that will impact on RIIO GD2.

This project will deliver a report which will include:

·         A comprehensive summary of leakage/pressure management practice/equipment and costs within the UK water industry.

·         A detailed review of changes to gas sector analysis/operation process, based upon transfer from the UK water industry, which could provide improvements in leakage management efficiency and effectiveness.

·         Recommendations on utilisation of leakage detection technology and deployment techniques to identify the most cost-effective intervention technique for leaking gas mains.

·         Recommendations on the use or development of leak/water ingress detection technology that could be transferred from the water to gas industry.

·         An implementation strategy with respect to leakage/pressure management within the gas industry.

Following this research the networks should be able to:

  • Identify changes to current gas industry leakage/pressure management equipment, practice and policy that could improve efficiency and effectiveness. This will include Regulatory conditions and operational factors affecting implementation, based on water industry techniques.

  • Understand the utilisation of leakage detection/deployment technology to identify the most cost-effective intervention technique for leaking gas mains.

  • Identify cost savings that could result from any of the above changes.

  • Utilise existing water ingress detection technology into existing water ingress removal strategies Leakage detection/deployment and water ingress technology that show promise and may be worth developing further, the networks will be in a position to plan the development of these technologies.