Oct 2013
Gas Distribution
Biomethane Connection Guidelines
Oct 2013
Oct 2015
Northern Gas Networks
Dan Sadler (Head of Head of Energy Futures), Dennis Habergham (Gas Specialist Consultant), & Iain Foster (Data & Asset Health Manager)
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Network Innovation Allowance
Gas Distribution Networks
Networks want to facilitate and encourage new sources of gas to enter our networks that meet quality standards, and where necessary adapt quality standards to facilitate the new sources of supply and minimise investment on major infrastructure. At present, produces have no experience or best practice guide to help them through the installation and management of biogas connections. Networks have a variety of policies and procedures to undertake entry connections but these are limited to the transmission system.

As a result of this project with NWL documented guides will be produced as each side goes through installation process. A specialist gas consultant will be employed over the duration of the project to capture all the learning and experiences from a producers and network perspective and document these stages including:

  • Initial Enquiry from Gas Producer/Developer

  • Gas Producer/Developer to place order for the design or design and build

  • Undertake construction phase for all work elements, including any NRO’s for u/p connection and commissioning up to ECV upstream of ROV

  • Handover process to Gas Network

  • Other Considerations.


  1. To accelerate progression of the Howden project supporting with gas specific expertise
  2. To liaise between NWL and NGN to ensure hurdles are overcome quickly and NGN’s interests are maintained
  3. To develop a user guide to bio-methane injection – This guide needs to be broken down into what is to be covered i.e:
  • Gas Compression – learning from the Skipton project putting in the first live compression system and its operation over a 12 month period??
  • Siloxanes – Aspects of removal and compliance with HSE requirements
  • Oxygen level –
  • Design criteria – meeting or modifications to IGEM/TD/16

To provide the Networks and suppliers/operators of waste treatment biomethane plants with the first user guide and best practice recommendations for connection to the gas distribution network with the requirements of that plant in relation to minimum/maximum connection, gas odourisation, dewpoint, gas quality measurement etc. To allow consistency across the gas industry for the benefit of suppliers/operators of biomethane installations and gas distribution network operators.

Consistent assessment of requirements of waste treatment gas plants for connection to the gas distribution network. This will ensure a secure and reliable gas supply.

Enable cost savings for the both the network operator and the waste treatment gas producer by having common agreed connection guide. Reducing the time in planning, designing and installing renewable gas production from this source.

To produce a single simple document for use within Biomethane gas sector that guides and informs both the networks and the produces on all aspects of introducing a successful project.

To produce a report detailing all technical aspects of the Howdon treatment works project and how this informed the production of the guide demonstrating the use of a guide help reduce the time to delivery.